These are the strengths that BBCOS Texas prides itself on and which it succeeds in delivering in the cosmetics and hair care sector. The quality of our products is outstanding; they are all designed, researched and produced entirely in Italy. Made from the purest active ingredients and certified raw materials, they guarantee a constant and exceptionally high standard suitable for all kinds of professional use.

Creativity lies in anticipating and creating trends with freshness and attention to detail, and in knowing how to produce cosmetics characterized by unmistakable flair that are always at the forefront. But creativity also means renewing ourselves every time a constantly evolving market sets us a new challenge. Flexibility has enabled a young company like ours to expand and grow internationally. Our brand is new and dynamic, but behind it are years of experience in some of the top companies in this sector and this enables it to be constantly competitive and appealing. Joining the BBCOS Texas group is not just this; it means joining a real family which looks after the needs and demands of its partners. It means working with trained and professional staff, ready to offer technical support at all times, and willing to organize events all over the world with the help of our trusted hairstylists.

BBcos Texas exclusively distributes bbCOS products in the State of Texas. For more information about BBcos , you can visit them at