reKrea – reclose & shine

It is the bbcos porosity regulator based on keratin’s oligopeptides.

The hair’s structure, although very sensitized, struggling to absorb active ingredients with large size, as proteins. For this reason BBCOS laboratories have developed a formulation based on enzymatic hydrolyzed keratin, whose small size is ideal to be absorbed by the cortex of damaged hair.

The specific formula of reKrea reclose & shine, works deeply into the damaged part of the hair, thanks to the high concentration of selected oligopeptides, highly similar to the keratin structure.
Several tests have shown a marked structural protective action able to rebalance and saturate the porosity of the hair.

How to use
Spray the product on the hair. Do not rinse and proceed with the technical treatment (coloring, bleaching or permanent) or with drying.

Professional product.

250 ml (8,45 fl.oz.)