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White Meches Plus is a non-volatile powder with high lightening potential. Its blue colour comes from special pigments that serve to contrast the yellow/orange found in the normal colour removing process. Six different degrees of lightening can be achieved, all of which respect the integrity of the hair structure.

Professional product.

3 kg – 500 g – pack of 30 20g sachets


Hydrogen peroxide based colour remover Activator.
Its exclusive formula is designed to be used with products from the White Meches line. The blue violet pigments it contains gently increase its colour removal ability by contrasting the yellow/orange of the normal colour removing process.

Professional product.

1000 ml – 150 ml


Mix 50 g of powder with 100 ml of White Meches Plus Activator (dilution ratio 1:2). Apply to hair to be decoloured. Then leave to develop for the required time depending on hair type and the degree of lightening desired.