Innovation of the perm

Innovation of the Perm is a truly innovative curling system designed by BBCOS to act gently but deeply, making it also suitable for treated or brittle hair. Its special formula is free from thioglycolates and rich in natural glycolic extracts (birch, sage, nettle and aloe). Ideal for eliminating frizz and defining curls, it gives a natural and uniform movement to all hair types.

How to use
After examining the hair structure, start with a delicate shampoo, then towel dry the hair to get rid of excess water. Apply the pre-perm solution evenly all over the hair, using the comb to ensure it is well distributed. Do not rinse. Insert curlers and apply the perm lotion, then cover the head with a plastic cap. The setting time varies depending on hair structure: 2-10 minutes for treated hair, 5-15 minutes for already permed hair, 10-20 minutes for natural hair. During the setting time, it is advisable to check the action of the perming lotion repeatedly. Do not use any heat source. Once the desired set is achieved, rinse thoroughly with warm water, towel dry and then apply the neutralizing solution. After leaving for 5 minutes remove the curlers and rinse for a further 5 minutes with warm water.

Professional product.

Single dose kit containing 30 ml pre-perm lotion, 80 ml perm lotion and 100 ml neutralizing solution.