Kristal straight hair cream

Creamy straight hair treatment which alters curly, frizzy hair structure, leaving it smooth and silky. Its composition is enriched with the active ingredients of linseed oil, guaranteeing the utmost respect of the hair and keeping it hydrated during the application process.

How to use
After washing hair with Kristal smoothing shampoo, apply the straight hair cream 1 using a brush and take care not to cover the roots but to start about 1 cm from the skin. Distribute the product evenly by combing down to the ends. Leave to develop for between 15 and 30 minutes depending on hair type and the result you wish to obtain. Check hair repeatedly during development time. Rinse thoroughly and comb to remove all traces of cream. Get rid of excess water and then apply the neutralizing cream 2, spreading it all over the hair. Leave to develop for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. If necessary shampoo using Kristal smoothing shampoo.

Professional product.

2 x 100 ml